Our Story

Stellar Techs Home Services is the brainchild of Joseph, a man inspired by his great-grandfather’s ethics and experiences in running his plumbing business which was started in 1918 and drawing on personal experience of more than 40 years in plumbing, heating and air conditioning. 
Joseph has worked for other companies during most of his career in plumbing, heating, and cooling, but he kept noticing things that he believed could be done better. You can probably imagine why. Most people are dissatisfied with the work they receive from the typical technicians they call. It’s given people the impression that service has to be that way, that poor service, repeated call-backs, and hassle is what to expect. But it shouldn’t be this way. You should expect considerate, timely and reliable service that actually betters your life.
At Stellar Techs Home Services, we don’t spread ourselves too thin. Instead, we focus on indoor comfort and indoor air quality with a little complementary work in surveillance cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, Nest® thermostats, Laundry Pro, and more. This specialization makes us sort of a home comfort superhero. Our technicians are true experts in the fields they work in, with ongoing training in a small number of areas of expertise.
Perhaps you’ve moved into a new home and you want to upgrade the functionality or energy efficiency of the home. Maybe you need professional maintenance, your comfort and safety are threatened, or another “professional” left you with a mess on your hands.  No matter the reason, you can have one of our Stellar Techs swoop in and take care of the job–but, without the cape, because capes get in the way.


We’re a licensed HVAC contractor, and 100% of our Stellar Techs are NATE Certified. We are also members of the Service Roundtable and the Service Nation Alliance, so we can run efficiently and be better able to provide a Stellar experience.

Service Area
We serve a broad area around Hudson, Wisconsin, including the following zip codes:

What Makes Us Stellar?

Your comfort and welfare are our top priority


Provide better service than you’ve ever received before

Our family has been in the comfort business for 120 years


Individualized service


24-hour availability

Individualized Service

Provide better service than you’ve ever received before

Our family has been in the comfort business for 120 years

Your Comfort And Welfare Are Our Top Priority

15-Year Limited Parts & Labor Warranty On Repairs & Installations

24-Hour Availability

Stellar Techs - HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, and Other Comfort and Safety Services

We specialize in heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services so we can provide the most effective results. Call us your comfort and welfare superheroes, if you like.
Whether it’s freezing outside and your furnace or boiler has taken this time to fail completely or simply not work up to par, you just aren’t as comfortable as you should be in your home, a poorly functioning comfort system is causing your electric bills to be too high, you’re inexplicably unwell in your home, or you want to install new equipment, we’ve got you covered.
We’re devoted to providing the kind of individualized, expert stellar experience that you won’t find with most technicians. That’s why we started Stellar Techs–to provide the best to our customers and the community.
Your comfort, health, and safety are our primary concerns. This means we are not satisfied if your needs are not met. Call us for upgrades to improve your living environment or conserve electricity, to provide routine maintenance, to evaluate and improve your indoor air quality, or to quickly and effectively repair systems that aren’t working well or have stopped working altogether. 
We also install and service dryer vents, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, video doorbells, surveillance cameras, and Nest® products for a connected home, and Laundry Pro systems, so you can live better and provide better for your family.
Our family has been in the comfort business for more than 120 years, providing you with over a century of knowledge and stellar experience in a business with a grander vision. 
Make your home safer, healthier, and more comfortable by calling Stellar Techs where our motto is “Providing Stellar Experience!”